Found myself in a weird headspace. Got really high last night and started wondering where I was, how did I get here, who are these people, I started to panic.How did I become the lonely traveler?

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Was about to go tweet-brag about how I only ate 4 slices of bread topped with cream cheese and cucumber slices alongside a single can of coke today, (because this like, most definitely feels like a success story) but then I realized this probably also means I have an eating disorder.

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“You needa get on with alla dat.”

said to someone who has approached you with false statements and/or a conversation you are either not willing to, or have no business partaking in

See also: ;But what that gotta do with m. and You need to get outta my face with alla dat.

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my  thoughts are in Stockholm, remembering how Toby licked my tears when I cried at the airport and I listened to this song for half of my 10 hour flight.

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